Vibe. Momentum. Impact.
Imagine being a part of a leadership team led by spiritual sensitivity to God, steered by a strategic mindset and bonded by relational depth. This can be your team.
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Vibe. Momentum. Impact.
The Heartbeat Division was created to serve the isolated leader, the weary board of directors, the burned-out staff, all who may feel anonymous... and for the people that sit in congregations and volunteer for non-profits, who feel like they are failing to fulfill their God-given purpose.

The Heartbeat Division is specifically tailored for the unique and diverse needs of faith-based community churches and non-profits. We develop ministry strategy while simultaneously strengthening the relational fabric of leadership teams for churches and kingdom-focused non-profit organizations.

The soft whisper of God... the beat of His heart... the passion of his love...

Imagine being a part of a leadership team led by spiritual sensitivity to God, steered by a strategic mindset and bonded by relational depth. This can be your team.
It all starts with Vibe.

Vibe is magical. It is created by bringing together talented people who are clear on the masterpiece they were created to play, connected by their love for God and their trust and friendship with each other. These elements that create Vibe, lead to great music. If your organization was like a great jazz band, your music is the services you provide and the experience your congregations and participants feel.

As a leader you have a vision, you see what is possible. The Jazz Heartbeat Division specializes in helping your church or non-profit ministry fulfill your purpose and maximize your impact within your city, community and the world. If you engage Jazz Heartbeat to meet the needs of your team, you will experience:

Healthy team relational dynamics
Clarity around where God is leading your organization
A tailored approach based upon your most relevant needs
Relief- The end result of our discussions will be a clearly defined (one-page) Concerted Goal which aligns your team's actions for the next six-to-twelve months
One last important point: we are not a Christian version of a business consulting model. Everything that we do has a deep Biblical base. We have learned that God leads the process and it is up to you to hear his voice and to discover, not create, where he is leading you.
What's Your Vibe?
Are you more of a Performer, Producer, Arranger, Harmonizer, or blend of all four? Answer our simple assessment to find out the value that you bring to your team.
Our Services
The Heartbeat approach is unique in that we come in as a consultant to assist with creating a strategy, then we become coaches as you implement the strategy until you have the impact you are looking for.

Assessments and Survey Choices
There are several ways to engage services with Heartbeat. Everything we do can be contracted as a single component, or if you are ready to see total transformation of your status-quo in the workplace, our Jam Session (2-Day Turnaround), which is a complete package of services, may be just right for you.

What is a Jam Session?
A Jam Session is an incredible two-day event where your team gathers to:

Learn about your own Personal Vibe
Engage in Deliberate Dialogues to collaborate for powerful strategy
Articulate a compelling and inspiring Vision for the Future
Create a culture that draws the best out of your people
Develop a clear plan (Concerted Goal) in order to seize opportunities and overcome obstacles

Is there an Encore?
After the Jam Session, your team will be ready to implement your plan. Although we start out as your consultant, trainer and facilitator, now we'll become a coach that walks with your team to assist with the implementation. If a few sour notes are hit, we'll be there to help your team stay on track until you enjoy the sweet music of a healthy high-performing team.

For Corporations
Do you wish your business was healthy too?
Our corporate division offers our workshops, training and coaching for your core leadership team. We help your business fulfill your purpose and maximize profits. Jazz BC corporate Division comes in as a consultant to help create strategy and then becomes a coach to help you implement the strategy until it is wildly successful. Our Jam Session is specially designed to reduce distractions, drama and distrust that damage your organizations productivity. For more information about services offered for business leaders and their team...
Some of Our Clients
The Billy Graham Center on Wheaton College
Moraga Valley Presbyterian
The Leadership Connection
World Impact
Old Skool Cafe
Golden Hills Community Church
Church Without Walls (Berkeley)
Redwood Chapel (Castro Valley)
New Life Christian Center (Turlock)
Saint Matthew Lutheran Church
Full Circle of Choices
Today's Youth Matters
Oakland First Covenant Church
Points of Light (Oakland)
Faith Community Church (Santa Cruz)
Saint John's Lutheran (Antioch)
Edgewater Covenant (Pittsburg)
EvanTel (Dallas / Fort Worth)
The Unity Music Foundation
Caring Hands (John Muir Health)
Light the Bay Church (Pittsburg)
What Others Are Saying About Jazz HeartBeat
"In the two days of planning we were coached in order to clarify our vision and purpose, and assisted in finding strategic focus for the next year. These were clearly the best strategic planning meetings of my ten years leading this ministry."
Dr. Lon Allison
Former Director of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College and currently the Teaching Pastor at Wheaton Bible Church, about his interaction with Jazz Heartbeat
"Jazz BC Heartbeat was the perfect fit for our team. They took the time to walk us through our individual fit and what we each brought to the team. We were able to dig down deep and discover and refine our core values and then translate those into a plan of action for the coming season. We were able to celebrate what is "right" about our team and dig into what needed fixing. Those two days were a great investment in preparing us for the future. One that we are living into now!"
David Larson
Lead Pastor, New Life Christian Center, Turlock, CA
"For over nine years, Jazz BC Heartbeat has been a fantastic partner in our creating better staff chemistry, identifying core values, setting strategic goals and helping us transition into a congregation that's laser-focused on missional discipleship. We would highly recommend them to any church or non-profit that is ready for a significant step forward as they've helped Saint Matthew become a 'neighborhood church that's making a world of difference'."
R. Kevin Murphy
Senior Pastor, Saint Matthew Lutheran Church, Walnut Creek, CA
"The optimism with which God is filling us started when you encouraged us all to "look in the mirror" and assess our body. It is a tough, painful process, but also, a necessary process. We are humbled and thankful that God led you to this particular ministry of assisting churches like ours in their most desperate times."
Scott Fletcher
First Baptist Church, Merced CA
Our Team

Roger Dill
Roger has developed management teams into cohesive leaders who transform their workplace culture and have an impact on the world.

Jody Bagno-Dill
As CEO and Director of Corporate Engagements, Jody has a fresh approach to aligning executive and operational teams.
Roger Dill
Since 2006, Roger Dill has developed and launched the faith-based division of Jazz Business Consulting, called Jazz Heartbeat. He has a rich understanding of the challenges in leading churches as well as non-profit organizations. His background and experience include:
Becoming Youth Director for Youth for Christ / Campus Life while attending UC Berkeley
Serving churches for more than 20+ years as either a Senior or Executive Pastor (Several Interim positions also held)
Co-leading The Leadership Connection since its inception (started in 2007.) The Leadership Connection provides peer-to-peer Pastor and Executive Director's groups, which meet monthly. He also developed and taught the current Facilitators' Training curriculum
Conducting over 1000 one-on-one coaching sessions with leaders of churches and non-profits and,
Serving on several Boards of Directors of non-profit organizations.
Roger became Senior Pastor of Hope Center Church in Pleasant Hill while working on his post-graduate work at Fuller Theological Seminary. At the time, Hope Center was considered the third-fastest growing organization in the Covenant denomination because of their innovative ways of reaching the un-churched community.

Roger's coaching and consulting is completely tailored to the specific and relevant needs of your organization. He specializes in both healthy organizations who are ready to grow in size or in impact, as well as organizations facing crisis, splits and deterioration.

"Roger walked alongside our team through the entire process. Rather than just prescribing what to do, he helped us address the damaged relationships as well as helping us capitalize on our healthy ones," said a recent client.

Roger's greatest value will be in how he will help you discover and create tailor-made solutions that work best for you and your team.
Jody Bagno-Dill
As Co-Director for Non-Profit and Church engagements, Jody has a fresh approach to aligning leadership and operational teams. She sees that every single person has (potentially) valuable insight and believes that they genuinely desire success for their organization. Jody has the ability to help leaders become more effective in drawing out the best engagement from the people they lead by helping them become:
Quality communicators
Visionary leaders
Encouraging mentors
Coaching managers
Jody is an alumna of California State University, Chico with a Bachelors' degree in Business Management and a minor in Psychology. She has also received certifications and training as a Certified Executive Coach, a Trainer in the Personalities®. She has spoken for and conducted training at churches and non-profits such as The Billy Graham Center, Full Circle of Choices, Old Skool Café, School of Urban Missions (Points of Light), Golden Hills Community Church, Community of Options for Family and Youth and more. She is formerly the Director of Women's Ministries at Clayton Community Church.

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